2000 A6 2.8 30v Avant Tiptronic quattro

1998.5 A4 2.8 30v Avant Tiptronic quattro

2000 A6 2.8 30v Avant Tiptronic quattro

My latest mod is wheels and tires. I went with the Achtuning RS4 replica wheel, in 17 inch, with OEM center caps. I chose this wheel becasue it is very 'factory' looking, I wanted to keep the car looking as close to original as possible, but look different and more aggressive at the same time. These wheels fit the bill perfectly.

Clear Corners on DOT lights

What this involves is removing the amber reflector in the far corner of the headlight housing. What I did was use a heat gun to soften the glue that holds the lens to the housing, pull the lens off and remove the amber piece.

Read how..

The US spec A6 housings use essentially the same housings as the rest of the world, which means that the hole for the city light bulb is basically there, but it's not drilled out.. The only thing that is a pain is drilling without getting tons of plastic dust inside the housing. If I were to do it again, and knowing how easy it is to take the outer lens off, I would have done it with the lens off.

The bulb holder is a readily availible part in the USA, the part number is: 7M0 941 953a

The first mod I performed on the A6 was the independant foglight mod. Basically I wanted to be able to use the fogs with the low beams off. Here is how I chose to do that. Soon I plan on adding city lights, which I will wire up like I did on the A4.

Why this mod? For whatever reason, all of my previous cars (excluding the A4) had foglights that I could run without the headlights. This is nice in times when the fog is very thick and even the lowbeams dazzle back too much. Also, for times when you don't need the lowbeams to see, only be seen, the fogs save the low beam bulbs from extra duty. Plus I just like the way it looks (call me vain.).



The next thing I did on the car was to de-badge it. I really prefer the way cars look with no model and engine badging. Removing the badges is pretty easy. All you need is a hair dryer/heat gun, dental floss and some sort of adhesive remover. There are lots of products on the market that remove the adhesive pretty well. I didn't have any, so I used PB Blaster, and heat.

basically, heat the emblems and surrounding area with the dryer/heat gun, till they are loose. Use the dental floss like a saw, and cut the emblem off of the foam tape. This will leave behind the other side of the tape. Apply a little heat to it, and try to get as much off before applying chemicals. Then, use your adhesive remover of choice to soften the tape's grip on the paint. Gently rub the area, to loosen the tape. Before long, it will all be off, and you can use some glaxe and wax to finish the area off (after you thoroughly wash the area.). The badge you see in the picture is an Audi Sport badge which was custom made by JustDave from Audiworld. These are now distributed by Andy Sprague.

I put a WeatherTech liner in the trunk of the A6, like I have in the A4. They are really tough.

I also put in a set of the all weather mats from Audi. They are very thick and heavy rubber, made to fit the car perfectly, and they stay put. I leave them in all year.

Being that I often need to run thigns such as laptops, video cameras, battery chargers for various electrioic devices, I figued it would be nice to have a 110v source of power in the car. I was going to build this in, but decided to leave it more portable, which has come in handy already. It's a 400w power inverter, made by Cobra. I made a little mount for it which sits securely in the rear cupholder.

1998.5 A4 2.8 30v Avant Tiptronic quattro

My goal with this car is not to go overboard with mods. Yeah right. So far, I have kept things to a minimum, with mostly DIY mods, and inexpensive, functional mods. They include:

Debadged rear, Euro Halogen projector headlights, RS4 Grille with the chrome trim from my original grille, Tip Chip, K&N panel filter, Re-coded locks with all unlock, no beep and window functions. For tires, I am running 225/50-16 Continental CH95s, which are a good all season performance tire. Nothing too aggressive, but they handle well.


The trim on the RS4 grille is matte grey, which did not match the window trim on the 2.8 A4 very well. I removed the original trim from the stock A4 grille, and used it to replace the matte silver trim on the RS4 grille for a complete, uniform trim appearance.


Just say NO to K&N filters on cars with hot wire Mass Airflow Sensors. The oil WILL get on the sensor, and will cause it to provide your ECU with faulty readings. Your car will run worse after a few thousand miles.


I was amazed at how much of an effect the Tip Chip had on the shifting performance of the car. It is a night and day difference, and I highly reccommend it to any Tiptronic owner.


The most expensive (so far) mod was the Euro Halogen projector headlights. This was a bittersweet mod for me, because better lighting came at the cost of cutting steel off the fenders. It was not a difficult job, I used a pneumatic cut off wheel, and it went well. Lots of touchup paint on the scar, and not a touch of rust after the winter. The light output of these lights is amazing, though the sharp cutoff of the lowbeams does take a lot of getting used to. The highbeams are also a little too focused in the corners, they only light up directly in front of you. Out in the open, they light up seemingly forever.

I debadged the car using the tried and true method of dental floss and Goo Gone, followed up with polishing glaze and wax. Works like a champ.

I wired the city lights to turn on with the parking lights, and off with the low beams.


Proper floor mats are a must when you live in a place with more than one season. These are the dealer option rubber all weather mats, which are extremely nice, heavy and good looking.

Same Same goes for the trunk. This thing is really rugged.. The only 2 things I don't like about it are: It's slippery, so whatever you have back there slides all over the place, and it hides the tiedown hooks, so you can't really use the net too well.

One of the most important things to have when you own and maintain your Audi is a VAG COM, which is an interface that allows you to 'talk' to the car's On Board Diagnostic system. Of course, this requires a computer, and it's best to use a laptop, because you really need to get the thing IN the car, and sometimes you need to road test with the computer connected.. I made up a special case for mine.. Read about it here..