This is pretty self explanitory. My laptop that I use for my VAG-COM lives in a pretty hostile environment as laptops are concerned. The garage. I bought this aluminum skinned case at Home Depot, and modified it to suit having a computer living in it. Along the way, I also found a use for one of my old Audi 'football' logos from my old 4000 quattro.
I wanted to be able to charge the battery without having the case open, so I mounted a plug on the case.. I 'borrowed' the plug from an old printer, and used an old extension cord that I had laying around. One of these days I will put a 'prettier' plug on the end of the extension...
Here is a view of the socket that I used on the back. I chose this type, because I have a bunch of power cords that will go into this socket.

And here is the laptop in the case, surrounded by foam, to keep it snug.

This laptop is a Dell Latitude XPi 166, with 40 mb of RAM, which is more than adequate for VAG COM duties, and adequate for surfing the Bentley service manual.

The latest mod to the VAGCASE is to allow access to the PCMCIA slots with the computer fully in it's nest. This is necessary now that I have a LAN at my house, and I also sometimes load data to and from this PC via PCMCIA compact flash cards/adapters.