The 30v

Here are the plugs I am using in both cars, Bosch Platinum +4 part Nr. 4417. They work well in both types of engines (12v and 30v).

These are the STI wires, for the 30v they are part number 233L200 for the left, and 233R200 for the right. They are exactly the factory OEM wires, but supposedly are much better made (hard to figure that out, since they are the same..)

It's VERY important, when changing ignition wires to only pull on the connector, NEVER pull on the wire itself, as it may pull out from the connector. On old junky wires, it's not a big deal, but on new wires that you plan on re-using, it is.

Handy, then, they supply this neat little handle for pulling the wires off of the car...
These things look exactly like the OEM wires, they even have the same wrap.
Here are the old junky ones that I took off. They will look great in the trash heap.

The 12v

I am using the same type of plug on the 12v as on the 30v, the Platinum +4s, 4417.

Instead of the STI wires, I am using Magnecor wires. These are a little different than the OEM wires as they don't have the built in resistor.. Not sure if I like that or not, but they are worth a try. For reference, the stock wires measure 5000 ohms, while the Magnecor wires measure in the 1000 ohm range. Supposedly this is bad, but Magnecor claims it's not.

And, here they are finally on the car. I have to say, as simple as installing ignition wires SHOULD be, these things are a major pain to get on the plugs. The OEM wires have long extensions on the plug ends, which give you extra leverage to get the thing pushed down onto the plug. The Magnecor wires dont, and there is NO room to get your hand in a location to push them down.

Having said that, the car does seem to run a little smoother with them.. We shall wait an see if there are any long term issues with them due to the reisitance factor mentioned above.