On model year 96 and 97 cars, the illumination for the dash lights is provided by incandescant bulbs. On the newer cars, the illumination is provided by LEDs which are not replaceable. This will get you started in replacing the bulbs on your earlier model A4.

Start by removing the trim over the steering column. It pulls out and up, easily.

Next, remove the 2 phillips screws. The cluster will be free to pull out of it's recess, which will be a tight squeeze.
Remove the plugs carefully form the back of the cluster. To remove the 2 larger ones on either side, use a small flat tip screwdriver to lift the locking clip, and pull directly out.

1996 and 1997

Cars with trip computer

1-Instrument cluster illumination

2-Right turn signal indicator light 1.2 W

3-Left turn signal indicator light -K65- 1.2 W

4-Headlight high beam indicator light 1.2 W

5-Odometer display illumination 1.1 W

6-Engine Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) 1.2 W

7-12 are Open

13-Airbag Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL)1.2W

14-ABS warning light 1.2 W

15-Parking brake indicator light 1.2 W

16-Generator (GEN) warning light 1.2 W

17-Seat belt warning light 1.2 W

18-Trip computer illumination 5 each 1.1 W

Non trip cars..

1 through 17 are the same as above.

19-Engine Coolant Temperature

(ECT) warning light 1.2 W

20-Oil pressure warning light 1.2 W

21-Brake malfunction indicator light 1.2 W

22-Low fuel level warning light


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Above:with trip computer.

Below: Without trip computer